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Is it possible to launch a BPC 10.0 template from the web which is done on UI5?

May 30, 2017 at 08:48 AM


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I have an idea to make a web interface for BPC users on UI5.

The question to experts is: is it possible to use the same authorization as was used to log in to the web interface to log into EPMaddIn?

The idea is to put links to BPC templates from UI5 webpage.

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2 Answers

Charlie Lin
Jul 18, 2017 at 06:29 AM

Attached is BPC 10.1 screenshot. I am not sure if in BPC 10.0, there is such feature as well.

bpf.png (14.5 kB)
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Not clear how it's related to the question!


What i understand about his question is that they want to open BPC 10.0 web report from BPC web.


No, they want to create UI5 webpage and open BPC report from it...


Hi Charlie Lin,

thank you for the reply.

I don't have BPC 10.1. What I have is BPC 10.0 and custom webpage, done on UI5. The idea is to launch BPC template from that custom webpage.

Hi, Vadim Kalinin,

yes, you got an idea.

Has anyone done it? If 10.1 web-admin, which works on UI5, can do it, then there should be a way to launch a template from a custom UI5 webpage too.


I suspect that this is not possible...


Hi experts,

Does anybody have new findings in this question.

Lucas Costa Nov 02, 2017 at 08:19 PM

Have you tried using the links generated by the BPF in your UI5 pages?

I mean, when you do it via BPF the system generates a URL that when triggered will open the template. Not sure about security or how this would be handled but from my perspective it's possible.

Just for a test, try creating a BPF template/instance in the standard BPC Web page, then extracts the web links to leverage in your UI5 page

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Unfortunately I am not able to get an URL from BPF page... "javascript:void(0);"


Have you tried using the Console?


Yes, for sure!


Hi Lucas,

For 10.1, actually it is not a specific URL but a file which is in SAPAOX format. When you click the BPF link, system send a request to bpc server and get backs a response related to bpf link with sapaox format. it contains the path, context and all the information related to template with your session details inside the ReentranceToken tag. So the best way to open template will be generating same file content with ABAP and allowing browser to download that file.

I found a way to open it later on i will share :)


Thanks Bilen, would be good if you could share. I was just brainstorming. Never actually done this, but I see as a requirement that can become more common with more customers doing UI5 (Including standard content BPC 11)...



hi Lucas,

yes exactly totally agree actually my plan is moving overall BPC templates, bpf and main configurations to custom SAPUI5 development without opening bpc web admin. Only few templates will be stored as EPM templates that is why i need this functionality. I will share once finished.


Also, when you open bpf link to Excel the result is not the same as you open template without bpf.


hi Vadim,

you mean context is not set ? Actually file contains the context details as well. Logic is similar to opening analysis for office by using url only. Additionally file content coming from the BPF link contains context parameters as well.

<ns11:Context Cube="SALES">
<ns11:ContextItem MemberName="2011.TOTAL" HierName="" DimName="BUDGET_PERIOD"/>
<ns11:ContextItem MemberName="GROSS" HierName="" DimName="SALES"/>
<ns11:ContextItem MemberName="00" HierName="" DimName="VERSION"/>


"opening analysis for office by using url only" - can you provide an example?


Hi Vadim,

Just try


Can be a good idea to create a blog about your findings!