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Mar 12, 2007 at 09:05 AM

confirming quantity >99 as a single line item


Hi Everyone,

I have a colleague who says that he is unable to confirm a quantity greater than 99 as a single line item. i.e

there is a PO for 200 items. This has to be confirmed. all the 200 items are as a single line item.

My colleague says that the system is not allowing him to confirm the PO quantity as such. he has to alter the PO to have maximum 99 items per line item (hence he splits the items as 3 different line items) and only then confirm the PO.

I am not facing this problem with my systems. Hence i am unable to answer him.

Could you kindly help?

is there any configuration step that has to be performed which will allow us to enter the maximum number of items per line item for confirmation?