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Mar 12, 2007 at 06:29 AM

ABAP Queries



Pl. response to my queries,

1. How can we call <b>SELECT-OPTIONS</b> inside Dialoggue Program(Module Pool)?

2. What are screen-exits, conversion-exits, search-help exits,user-exits,function module exits?

3. What is the difference between Remote Enabled Function Module and a BAPI??

4. In a Fn Spec we are not cleared with the Tables required. How to search quickly wht all tables are required to develop the tech system ?

5. Wht is the diff. btn SAP Memory and ABAP Memory??

6. How can we find out the MEMORY ID? and It's value?? Whether we name the id or we use some existing one??

7. If we wanna add some more buttons to ALV, How can we do that?

8. Which reports can be called as complex reports?

9. Can we call a remote enabled Function module from a Non-SAP system as we can do that for BAPI??

Thanks in Advance