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Mar 12, 2007 at 06:13 AM

How do i use ranges and parameters together?


Plz help me...

I have a selection screen with about 8 parameters out of which two are mandatory, i.e. a flag and the date of creation. What I need to do is delete certain entries from a database table based on the parameters input by the user. Now the problem is when i am using the delete statement using where statement..

delete from zinbd_delv where vbeln = vbeln and

posnr = posnr and

lfimg = lfimg and

lfdat = lfdat and

created = created and

status = status.

But suppose the user enters data in only the two mandatory fields and say status = 'X' and created = 'XX/XX/XXXX'. In that case it should delete all the entries from the table where status = X and creation date as specified but since it will find the other parameters as blank it will fail. Can we use range table for this...plz tell me how to do it.