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design studio application issue

May 30, 2017 at 05:39 AM


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Hi ,

I am facing an issue with the Design studio application as shown below when opening the dashboard in the client mode but the same dashboard works perfectly fine when opened from BI Launchpad. please suggest what might be the probable reason and how to get this resolved. and this issue came up all of sudden and am now unable to open Dashboard for modification.

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Your screenshot doesn't appear to have come through. Can you repost it?


I am not able to attach screenshot. because I am working on client machine.

pandula venkateswarlureddy

It is unlikely that we can provide assistance without a more detailed description of the issue, preferably with a screenshot.

Is your DS Client version the same as the DS BIP Add-on version on the server?

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2 Answers

Tammy Powlas
Jun 01, 2017 at 10:02 AM
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Mohd Fahad May 30, 2017 at 05:13 PM

Hi - I'm gonna shoot blind solution for your query as i understand you are not able to open/modify application using DS-client tool.

Try this

  1. Access Windows C drive -> User -> 'user_name'.
  2. Look-up these 2 files (Analysis-config and Analysis-workspace). If you dont have admin rights to delete move it to some other folder.
  3. Delete both the files
  4. Now run Design Studio Designer Application again and try to open the file. It has worked for me time to time. Good Luck

I'll advise to implement version control for your application development.

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I have removed those two files....but when ever I try to open dashboard it is not connecting to repository and not showing public folders.


Yes this is because after deleting these files. DS Designer goes back to default setting i.e Local Mode

You can change this with below steps:-

Tool->Preferences->Application Design->Preferred Startup Mode-> "SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform" or Desired Connection.


I have changed local mode to BI platform but still I am facing issue.


Hi Pandula,

I suggest you follow links that Tammy shared below as there can be n number of reason for your issue.

Without screenshots we are limited to share suggestions. See if you can find a way to share.

What is your system ram size?

Try opening the same application in some other system (colleague).


This issue we are facing only in test environment. Other environment like Prod and Dev working perfectly fine.

we using same universe for test environment also. This issue came up all of us sudden.

we did not change any thing in test environment. After get this issue we migrate production universe and Dashboard also but production not showing any issue but Test environment showing issue.

pandula venkateswarlureddy

Hi - with your test environment, please review the wiki's listed above, to help identify the issue

Perhaps the admin applied some Windows patches? It is hard for the community to comment or say without more information.