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Design Studio: Thoughts on Parallel Processing and BackProcessing Together

Hi Guys,

I need your ideas/input to implement background processing along with Parallel execution in Design Studio.

Below is the test Scenario:

We have two Data Sources
- DS1 (GROUP1) : Execution time 1 min : Summary
- DS2 (GROUP2) : Execution time 3 min : Detail

On the click event of a Button, I want DS1 to Run first and at the same time want DS2 to execute parallel in the background processing

So wrote below script on the Click event of button:


and in the background processing I wrote

After my analysis using profiling I can see that DS1 and DS2 are running in sequential form, so taking 4 min.

Also LOADDATASOURCES will make these two Data sources run in Parallel only when they are defined in same script call or inside the same event.

For eg:
APPLICATION.loadDataSources([DS1, DS2]);

This way total time it will take is 3 min.

However the above call will not let DS2 run in background.
And since these two will run in parallel my DS1 components will show over the screen after 3 min.

Is there a way I can call both the datasources together in LOADDATASOURCES and have second Datasource to run in background?

So that way my components linked with DS1 (Summary View) will be visible in a Minute and components linked with DS2 (Detail view) will get loaded in background.

I tried hiding the loading status of the components but that too doesn't helped me.

Please share your thoughts.


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1 Answer

  • May 30, 2017 at 09:17 AM

    Hello Abhi - have you read Martin Kolb's blogs on performance best practices with Design Studio? See

    Example - - you may want to review his blogs and rethink your strategy.

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