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Mar 11, 2007 at 09:36 AM

Updating the delivery document that comes from the EDI system


I am updating the delivery document data(DESADV message type and Delevry03 basic type with some enhanced idoc type zdelvry03). First of all my dought here is like i need to do some validations.

Like I am checking the

1.Checking ASN numeber coming from EDI with SAP data(LIKP-LIFEX). If the delivery document doesnt exist in SAP database tables(LIKP). I need to create the delivery document.

2.If delivery document exists, Yet GR(Goods Receipt has not done means, delete the old inbound delivery and create the new inbound delivery.

3. If delivery document exist and GR also done means update the idoc with status as " GR done for the PO".

Here my dought is like shall we keep all the validations logic inside in the exits of FM "idoc_input_desadv1' or do i need to create one seperate FM?

What are the import and Export parameters i need to make use in new FM?.

This is very urgent so please help..