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Mar 10, 2007 at 07:04 PM

SUN Java DST Advisory - Any SAP Application affected ?


We received the following notification from SUN regarding Java and DST. From what I can tell, SAP Applications should not be affected. I also did not see any SAP Note on this. Does anybody have different information? Can anybody confirm?




Subject: Sun Alert: Java SE 3-letter TZ names

Dear Licensee,

We are writing to inform you of a Sun-Alert being issued to our customers regarding an incompatibility which can be exposed when upgrading time zone information with the tzupdater utility.

This incompatibility may occur in situations where customers have not followed previously-published programming guidance relating to the use of old, 3 letter, time zone identifiers.

Clients who have followed the previously-published programming guidance will have no problem.

The documented resolution in the included Sun Alert outlines how customers can use the utility to enable the backward compatible time zone identifiers as well as update the DST information.

Enabling the backward compatible identifiers is not expected to have adverse effects for any customers. As such, customers who are not sure if their applications are using the old identifiers are recommended to make sure they enable the backward compatibility when they use the tool.

We are issuing a Sun Alert to make sure this information reaches the widest customer distribution.

Sun(sm) Alert Notification

  • Sun Alert ID:

  • Synopsis: Olson TZ data tzdata2005r or greater incompatibility

  • Category: Availability

  • Product: Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition

  • BugIDs: 6466476, 6530336

  • Avoidance: Time Zone Updater Tool for v1.4.x+

  • State: Resolved

  • Date Released:

  • Date Closed:

  • Date Modified:

1. Impact

The introduction of Olson TZ data, version 2005r or greater, may break backward compatibility for the Eastern, Hawaiian, and Mountain time zones, under certain circumstance.

The full problem statement maybe found in Sun's bugs 6466476 and 6530336.

The Hawaiian TZ is only affected for historical data. Other American TZs such as PST and CST are not affected.

Releases below Java SE v1.4.x are not affected.

2. Contributing Factors

This condition affects Olson time zone data 2005r or greater, which can be found in:

  • JDK and JRE v1.4.2_12 and above

  • JDK and JRE 5.0u8 and above

  • JDK and JRE 6 and above.

The condition will also exist if you have run the Time Zone Updater Tool for v1.4.x+, but without the -bc flag.

The condition will be apparent under one of the following two


1) The use of old 3-letter TZ IDs, limited to:

"EST", "HST", "MST".

2) The parsing of date strings containing one of the

following three TZ strings: "EDT", "HDT", or "MDT".

3. Symptoms

The result of this condition will be that DST will be calculated incorrectly.

4. Relief/Workaround

Run Time Zone Updater Tool for v1.4.x+

With the command line options: -f -bc


5. Resolution

5.1) To effect the correction (ie. to enable support for the

backward compatible DST timezones) use:

Run Time Zone Updater Tool for v1.4.x+

With the command line options: -f -bc

NOTE: If you have already run without the -bc flag, you will

need to rerun with the -f -bc flag to correctly resolve the

3-letter TZ abbreviation issue.

NOTE: The -bc options will result in the deletion of the files:




There are no known side effects to removing these files.

5.2) Install Issues:

In the unlikely event of unforeseen issues (e.g: such as

power loss or IO Error) restore the JRE Time Zone files

to their original state by:

a) following the instructions at:


b) removing and then reinstalling the JRE or JDK.

The update may now be re-applied by following step 5.1.

The update may now be re-applied by following step 5.1.