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May 30, 2017 at 12:53 AM

How to manage the rounding values (EA) for manual ordering via ME21N using purchasing info record?


Dear MM Experts,

Is there any way to control rounding values to automate the conversion of quantity (EA) during manual PO creation in ME21N?
My key user is requested the rounding values to be automatic converted when there is probability which the PO quantity will be editing twice or more.

As I've found after setup the static rounding profile at particular material for vendor in purchasing info record ME11, user may enter the order quantity for the first time, then system converts the quantity and order unit automatically in accordance with the rounding proposal. Apparently, when I change the order quantity, the system does not automatically adjust it and PO is able to be saved.

Besides that, I've also set the minimum order quantity as to disallow user for entering quantity below standard packaging quantity and configured system message M06216 from Warning (W) to Error (E). It seems ok when user enter below minimum order quantity, the error encountered accordingly.

Appreciate your suggestion and ideas whether there are any other configuration or user exit to be done at ME11 or ME21N .

Thanks and Regards,