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Former Member
Mar 10, 2007 at 05:14 AM

file to file scenarion


i have a file to file scenario where a send step in the BPM is sending message to two business-services....

the scenario consist of:

one sender business-service(hence one outbound synchronous message-interface),

one BPM with one send step and one receive step(hence one abstract asynchronous interface),

two business service(hence two inbound-asynchronous message interface),

the scenario is picking a file from the sender business-service, and putting them into two receiver business-services,

the problem is that, while the file is being picked successfully from the sender is not being put to the receiver-business-service.......

sxmb-moni shows no error.....

but in the runtime work bench the outgoing channel doesnt shows anythin, that means they are ideal.....

help me out...coz i don know how to debug it.....coz sxmb-moni is not giving any clue to catch the problem