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Mar 09, 2007 at 08:20 PM

Acess to remote Oracle databse, thru "dblink".


Hello, SDN Gurus. We've tried to establish a remote connection to a remote Oracle database, but SAP told us that our landscape was incompatible with the remote landscape, so we should try to do it thru "dblink", like stated in OSS note number 25383.

My SAP system is :

SAP system ECC 6.0, oracle 10.2 in windows 2003 server, SID=PE1

The remote system is:

Non SAP system, oracle 9 in windows 2003, SID=APSS

This arises a number of questions:

- With the landscape we currently have (in terms of our databse, and the remote database), is it possibile to achieve the connection thru dblink? What are the requirements, in terms of software and hardware?

- By creating an dblink in our SAP databse, to the external Oracle databse, do we jeopardize the integrity of any of the databases?

- The creation of the dblink (thru the sql instruction "create dblink"), has to be done every time we want to connect to the remote databse, or only once? And where does it have to be done, at the operating system level, or inside SAP itself?

Has anyone done anything like this? How did it went?

Thanks in advance.


Hugo Ferreira