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HCI oData Service Artifact - Create deep goes on error

Hi experts,

I'm using SAP Cloud Platform Integration Web application to create an oData service.

I need to map an existing oData service exposed by HCP oData Provisioning with an oData service created with SAP Cloud Platform Integration Web application. It is a 1:1 mapping, so the new oData need to behave exactly in the same way as the existing one (this "wrapper" is needed for licensing reason...)

The oData call that goes on error is a CREATE DEEP call. Some details:

- Final error: BAD_REQUEST (HTTP code: 400);

- HCI tail log attached: hci-tail-log.txt (all mandatory fields are filled, even if the error seems to tell a mandatory attribute is null ... same reponse in original oData works);

- I set a break point in the oData ABAP code and I can see all data I need is correctly passed from HCI to oData receiving channel;

- In the HCI message monitor, I could see that message processing complete with success (NO ERROR!);

- I add some scripts in the Integration Flow in order to see both the request payload (the first thing I do when Integration Flow start) and the response payload (last thing I do before ending the Integration Flow); both logs show the data as I expect...

- If I configure in HCI integration flow reponse mapping in order not to pass entities linked to the main one via navigation property (relationship), all works; in this case only main entity is returned to user, but I need also data linked to it via relationship (I see order header, but I'm not able to see order items in other words...)

Do you have any hints? Is create deep supported? Is it possible to disable response metadata validation (as in HCP oData provisioning)?

Thank you so much,

Manuel Xiccato

image-068.png (20.8 kB)
image-069.png (32.7 kB)
image-070.png (41.6 kB)
hci-tail-log.txt (7.2 kB)
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