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SD: Pricing1

Hi, Gurus,

I get following error sometime. Can I fix it permanently?

Pricing Error: Mandatory condition MWST is missing.

Message no. v1801

Thanks in advance


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5 Answers

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    Mar 12, 2007 at 05:38 AM

    Dear Shiv,

    The Error saying that MWST is missing in the Pricing could have many reasons

    You may do the following

    1) Under the Item-Condition screen, select Prcing analysis . Then select Condition Type MWST, then select Access sequence Showing Domestic taxes. Now check on the Right panel what is the analysis. here it could show the following reasons

    a) The condition record missing

    b) requirement 8 is not met that means your customer and plant belong to different countries

    c) requirement is not met--means plant is not set , so check whether plant has been determined in the order

    d) It may show the customer classification /material classification as not maintained

    To Overcome the problem once for and all do the following

    a) IMG SD Basic Functions Taxes Assign Tax category to Country

    select new entries , assign Country=IN, Seq=1 and tax category as MWST

    b) same menu path now select Tax relevancy for master data---Select material

    new entries, Tax category=MWST tax classification=Z, description: liable

    now select Customer, new entries , TAX vategory=MWST, Tax classification=Z, Description as Liable

    c) IMG Financial accounting Financial accounting global settings--Tax on sales & Purchases

    select assign procedure to Country

    select Country=IN and Procedure as TAXD

    d) same menu path select tax code

    Country = IN

    Maintain new tax code= ZZ

    then maintain following

    tax for India

    Tax type=A output tax

    check box enter



    e) Go VK11 , select condition type as WST

    Country= IN

    Cust classification= Z

    Material classification=Z

    Tax code = ZZ

    now automatically shows 10% as tax

    f) in the customer master and material master tax relevancy as Z

    g) create the order and check whether tax is deterined

    h) make sure you have also maintained plant in either customer master and material master

    i) also make sure sales org, compnay code, plant all have same country key=IN

    Hope this helps



    Pls award points if you feel it sorted out the error

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    • Former Member

      Hi Narsimha,

      I need your help in designing Freight condition:

      We want freight condition to be a fixed value regardless of line items. I mean when we create a Sales order with 2 line items with different quantity and give freight condition on header level say 10 Uni.

      When we check line items condition each line item/s has got some freight value as per their waeightage. we want freight price to be based on per order not per line item. (Because delivery of 1 product or many product in a box cost the same amount)

      Fore some reason we are not sending line item 1 of 2 to the customer. An invoice deducts the freight for 1 line item. we don't want that.

      Can you suggest me the modification /creation of new condition for this purpose?



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    Former Member
    Mar 09, 2007 at 06:15 PM


    Yes you can fix it. Just as it says PR00 is missing, we maintain either condition record for it in VK11 or give a value by clicking on the item, going to the conditions tab.

    But for MWST, in the condition type controls ( t.code V/06 ) for the field " Manual entries " it would be D- means not possible to process manually. So, we cannot enter any value in the sales order. Need to maintain condition records for it.

    For the key combinations allowed for MWST, you need to maintain condition records for it in VK11.

    Or else you can simply remove the mandatory check against MWST condtion in the pricin procedure. It wont stop the sales order processing now. But if you want a value for MWST, then you need maintain condition records for it.

    This will fix the issue. Please reward if it is helpful.

    Thanks & Regards

    Sadhu Kishore

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    • Former Member Former Member

      hi siva,

      use the header condition type HD00 of freight in your pricing procedure. since it is a header condition you have to enter the value manually when you are processing the sales order.

      reward points if the answer is helpful



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    Former Member
    Mar 09, 2007 at 07:38 PM

    Hi shiv,

    Pl. maintain MWST condtition ( Output tax) using VK11.

    Pl. go through this link

    Give points if this useful for you


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    Former Member
    Mar 10, 2007 at 06:18 PM

    Maintain the condition record for the condition type, 'MWST' via the transaction VK11.

    Enter detail in 'domestics taxes' for country/customer and material.

    Example in the material tax 'MWST is 1 and for customer its 0.

    Thus for say Country US, declare the condition record as

    US11 amount%,tax code associated with the same and the validity date.

    Thus when the sales document would be created, the pricing date of the document would be checked againist the validity date of the condition record, MWST and the associated taxes would be picked.

    Reward points if the solution is helpful



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    Former Member
    Mar 12, 2007 at 04:39 AM

    HI Shiv,

    As all gurus suggested there are 2 ways to fix:

    1. Maintain Condition record for the condition type MWST in VK11

    2. In the pricing procedure V/08 take out tick Mandetory for the condition type MWST.

    Reward if it helps



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