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Mar 09, 2007 at 03:33 PM

How to pass Date Parameters to BW WebTemplate from a BW iView



I need to display a BW report on a BW-iView in portal. The template id and the parameters to execute the query in BW are being passed dynamically.

"TEMPLATE_ID=myTemplateName"+ "&VAR_NAME_1=myVar1"+ "&VAR_VALUE_EXT_1=" + myVarVal1 + "&VAR_NODE_IOBJNM_1=myInfoObjName1"+  "&VAR_NAME_2=myVar2"	+ "&VAR_VALUE_LOW_EXT_2=" + fromDate	+ "&VAR_VALUE_HIGH_EXT_2="+ toDate;	

The webtemplate executes well and we get the result. But the data being retrieved doesnt fit in the dateRange Specified. The fomat of the date parameters is "mm/dd/YYYY".

The variable in BW "myVar2" is of type "Interval Variable" consisting of from and to limits.

I have checked the following link from SAP HELP

SAP" target="_blank">">SAP Help for Parameterized Webtemplate.

Please suggest/correct me to resolve this.