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May 29, 2017 at 05:10 PM

Dynamically change Page height and width in Adobe forms


Hello Gurus,

This is the situation with my client. I need to develop ONE HRFORM for both the Payroll Cheque and Pay Statement.

Contents of the Form. It has three parts.

  • Address
  • Cheque
  • Pay Statement

In case we run the form for Payroll cheque it should display Address + Cheque + ONLY Summary of Pay Statement. So, in this case, the length and width of the Pay statement part are less.

In case we run the form for Pay Statement, the should only display the Pay statement (not the Address and Cheque) but in a full format. So here, the length and width are double that of the payroll cheque display

Hence, what I need is a way to dynamically change the Length and width of THE PAGE (not just a subform in the content area of a page) according to the situation in which it is run.

Thank you