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May 29, 2017 at 03:26 PM

B1if XML Processor - muenchian-grouping

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Hi All,

As of B1if version 1.22.9, the default XML processor is jrexml and the option to use the sapxml is not available to select.

With the new jrexml processor I've noticed that certain XSLT features are not working as I expect them to such as the key() which is used in the Muenchian Method for grouping/sorting XML nodes/elements.

The only work around I have at this stage is go back and develop in older versions of B1if where I can still select the sapxml processor and then import into the new version. When I run my XSLT in another application that uses the xanlan processor, the key() function works as expected, but not in B1if.

Is there a way to natively use the key() function as expected to implement the Muenchian Method with the jrexml processor in B1if?