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Mar 09, 2007 at 11:54 AM

Export and import statements



I've developed a report which calls another standard report, which exports values to memory.

i will import those values to my program. I am calling that standard program in b/g mode.

I've used wait statement to make the program to wait for a while to update the exported values in the database cluster. This is working fine for small amount of data like 100 records like that.

It's not working when data is more like more than 500 records. If i run the report in debugging mode i am getting output. But if i run directly (F8) the values are not exporting to memory and not getting the output. Not able to import data with F8, even i increase the wait time and used commit statment in the program.

what wud be the problem and how can we rectify it?

points assured for quick response.