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IP43 Multiple Counter Plan - Maintenance orders creation

May 29, 2017 at 02:15 PM


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Hi all,

I have set up maintenance plan (via IP43) with 9 cycle sets that run of a (kilometer)counter - however the counter only has the original value (87 km) and annual estimate (18000 km). So there are no further measuring documents being entered against the counter. The 9 cycle sets are each set for 7500 km each - but vastly different Task Lists are being attached to each cycle. Hence the cycles should be called based on estimated annual km only.

When the first Maintenance order is created the start counter reading shows 87 km with next counter reading being set to 7587 km.(this actually is actually repeated even though the repeat factor = 1) Then the third Maintenance order is called with the start counter reading of 7587 km and next counter reading set to 15087 km. Then the forth Maintenance order is called with starter counter reading as 15087 km and next counter reading set to 22587 km.

After this a strange thing happens - the fifth call comes in and shows the start counter reading of 87 and next counter reading of 7587. And as we run the deadline monitoring on daily basis this is followed by 3 more orders (one per day) as the system does still know that we were up to 22587 km

I have attached a screenshot of table VIMHIS that shows the counter readings. I have looked at changes to Maintenance plans / Items, counters, measuring document and equipment and there have been no changes made to any of the objects

I hope that some of you will be able to shed some light on this behaviour


Best Regards,

Gudmundur Gardarsson

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