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Stop transaction on Level 1 WBS

The details of the requirement is as below:

CAPEX projects - budget control - Currently for CAPEX projects, the AUC level = Level 2 WBS. This decision was made because quite often there will be multiple AUC for same project. The issue with this set up is: as budget control is on AUC level, it is possible to transact on level 1 WBS even if there is no enough budget on the project. Effectively transacting on level 1 WBSs allows you to bypass the budget control. So the discussion is how to stop transacting on level 1 considering now Fixed Assets are created both on the Level 1 and also on Level 2 WBS which is the AUC level:

As per my knowledge there may be two ways of handling this
Option 1> Through User status profile We can create a a user status say BFIP (Blocked for postings) which has can be manually set on the Level 1 WBS. This can block all FI postings and even raising commitments PR/PO. However the Level 1 still remains "Account Assigned" (as at present all the WBS are default account assigned from the project profile) and users can create Fixed Assets on Level 1. Option 2> Through Validation Rule This will stop the Level 1 WBS to be account assigned itself. This Validation Rule will be playing in automatically and whenever you try to save a project there will be an error message pop up that "Level 1 WBS should not be account assigned". and you can only save the project if you untick it. The only difference is in this option you will not be allowed to create Fixed Assets on the Level 1 WBS itself.
As I went to production and saw that only for a few projects Fixed Assets have been created and there is no rule the business is following as to which Level of WBS the fixed Assets are to be created. Fixed Assets are present are created either at Level 1 or even sometimes at level 2. We have Line item settlement for AUC to Fixed Assets and the appropriate Fixed Assets for settling the lines are mapped in CJIC.

Ask all of your suggestions as which would be the best possible way to go ahead.
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2 Answers

  • May 30, 2017 at 03:06 AM

    Hi Suman,

    check after removing account assignment element from Operative Indicators from 1st level WBS.



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  • Jun 12, 2017 at 02:39 AM


    Removal of account assignment is not my immediate solution as business still want to create fixed asset on the top level but do not want financial postings. So I went forward creating a User Status like "Blocked for Financial Postings" which will stop FI postings inspite of having it account assigned.

    Now there are two requirements from project profile I cannot default this user status to all the WBS as this will be a painful task for the users to remove this manually from each. So is there any possibility to default this user status only to the first level of WBS like a substitution rule?

    Also is there any way to stop people from creating a fixed assets on any other levels than the top level?

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