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Mar 09, 2007 at 08:08 AM

import from databuffer in a failsave way?



i ask a litte time before how to to serialize a data object to an xstring.

i got the hint to do this with import/export to databuffer and it works perfect.

but now i got the problem that the structure in witch i would like to import the data

slightly differ to the output structure.

in this case i loose all the data and i have no chance to reimport parts of it.

maybe there is a function available that store and import the data in a more failsave way ( including the structure kind of the data ).

something that would import in the same way as copy data with move-corresponding.


maybe i can do it from an other side.

is it possible to serialize a cl_abap_datadescr object in and xstring?

in this case i would be able to store the structure information by myself.


thx for any help.

mfg grafl ronald

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