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Mar 09, 2007 at 06:33 AM

smartforms print problem!!! help


Dear all:

I have a problem about smartform print output. The case is : I use t-code 'spad' to define a page . the special size of page is enough to print the output of the form.

the last line can be seen with print-preview. but when i print the form, the last line of the form couldn't print on the page . i move the window of the last line upper, then the last line can be printed on the page but the format of the last line does not be on its right position , the position is upper than it should be. I input a A4 pager to the printer it can print all the form but use my specified page it could not show the last line on the right position.

I try to solve to problem by changing the height of the page ,but no use.

how could i do? please help me, expers!