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NWDS 7.5 running in windows 7 64bit

May 29, 2017 at 10:44 AM


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We are forced to upgrade our SAP netweaver PI to version 7.5. Now I want to prepare the development clients for this upgrade. Therefore I downloaded NWDS7.5 latest patch from SAP marketplace and I tried to start NWDS on a Windows 7 64bit client bu ti get an error saying that the eclipse.exe cannot be executed on my current windows version.

Checking the SAP installation notes I see that the software requirement is a windows 10 client installation.

Is that really the truth or did I something wrong in my installation steps ?

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Szabolcs Renyo
May 30, 2017 at 09:05 AM

Dear Christian,

It is really true. The NWDS 7.5 requires 64-bit version Windows 10.

Here you can find the official documentation:

Best regards,

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We are running NWDS 7.5 on Windows 7 x64 without significant problem (other than the developers complaining about how the UI changed from NWDS 7.01; yeah, their cheese got moved).


It is possible to run it on different (but 64 bit version) operation systems for your own responsibility , but SAP will not provide support if you have any problem with an unsupported environment.


Until I saw this, I had no idea it was not supported on Windows 7. Despite the installation documentation saying "refer to the PAM," there is nothing in the PAM about NWDS that I've been able to find (client- or workstation-based software is not well covered there); the information is only spread around various SAP Notes (I did just find which backs up what you said here). So, we upgraded our two Java developers this past Spring as part of our general Portal upgrade without any idea that it wouldn't be supported, and, as I said, they had no problems that could be traced to the OS version (I'm not saying they had no problems). They're running sp6 pl3.

Well, I'll use this as a spur to the organization to speed up the process of getting them upgraded to Windows 10, which, I'm sure, will produce more grumbling.


Ok, I thought I must be going crazy with this, but I did just find NWDS buried in the PAM, and there it definitely implies that Windows 7 is supported:

gdkrx.png (32.5 kB)

What you do share is slightly different - SAP RT ECLIPSE 4.6 . I believe this is only the SAP RunTime.

The other plug-ins in the NWDS 7.5 (which actually is Eclipse) probably make the difference. It is interesting that according to the information this SAP RT Eclipse 4.6 is not supported any more (Supported Until 30.06.2017) and yet the Status is Released "green".

This is a screenshot from the "SAP NetWeaver7.5 Planning Product Availability Matrix (Planning PAM) incl. SAP NetWeaverAS ABAP 7.51 Innovation Package" - 3. Worspace Support

I have some discussion with some of the developers (of different perspectives of the NWDS) and they have confirmed as well - the NWDS 7.5 should be installed only on Windows 10.