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Mar 08, 2007 at 11:28 PM

Posting Keys Error



I have been trying to a MIGO transaction. When i am trying to post the document.,

i get the following error.,replicated in toto where in xxxx is the chart of accounts.


Start of Error message----

Account determination for entry xxxx WRX 0001 ___ M001 not possible

Message no. M8 147


The system did not find an account for this transaction. This means that the account determination for key CPS1 WRX 0001 ___ M001 is not maintained in MM Customizing (Valuation). The key is made up of:

• Chart of account

• Transaction key (= Posting transaction)

• Valuation grouping code

• Account grouping code

• Valuation class

System Response

The system cannot update a G/L account for this transaction. You cannot post the transaction.


Contact your system administrator.

If you have the authorization, check the Account determination in Customizing for Valuation.



The relevant posting transaction can be found in Table T030A.


End of Error Message----

Can some one guide me on the setting that i have to do.

What is the interlink between valuation class, valuation grouping code, Chart of accounts, valuation class and transaction key.

Much appreciated.