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Mar 08, 2007 at 03:41 PM

Programatically creating Listing Records in CRM


Hi Community Users,

<b>Scenario:</b> Whenever a contract is released and saved the system should use the Organisation Data, Sold-to-Party and the item Product/Product Category to automatically generate Listing Records in the backend.

So eventually the Listing Record will look like:

<b> Listing Header</b>

Org Sold-to-Party Dist. Chan List ID ValidFrom ValidTo

SOrg.100 512 30 02 todays date 12/31/9999

<b>Listing Item</b>

Item Type ID Desc Hier ID

Product PROD1 xyz R3PRODHIER

Please suggest if there is any BAPI or API's that would encapsulate the logic of creating Listing Records and related Partner/Product Ranges.

Any help would be returned in terms of POINTS.