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how to register post DC dispatch details in BYD system

May 29, 2017 at 07:52 AM


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Hello Experts,

Please Help.

We do DC in system but nowhere entering details of Material Receipt by Customers.

Many times customer asks us details of Person / In Charge who received material from his company but we cant provide data through system

is there any mechanism to resolve this?


Vishal Kambare

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Hello Vishal,

What do you mean by DC? and what exactly you would like to achieve? Any particular transaction/document ?




Hi Harshal,

DC=Post Goods Issue,

We want to track delivery receipt details (such as Receivers Name, received date, Acceptance stamp on our DC) etc.

so that, whenever we open old deliveries we can find who have received it from customer side.

currently once DC & Invoice Made, we dont have any system to track delivery details of customers.

Thanks for reply :)

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1 Answer

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Former Member Jun 05, 2017 at 07:32 AM

Hi Vishal,

As a work around, you can have an extension fields for your requirements

while making outbound delivery, you can fill those required details and make release of outbound delivery

for the stamp document, you can send the print copy to the receiver and get the stamped copy from the receiver , save the stamped copy in the attachments.

Before release of the outbound mark the "Stamp Document Attached" as tick.

Note: once you released you cannot edit the outbound delivery.

Hope this might helps you



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Hi Vijay,

When we ship material, we are not aware who will be receiving person from customer side (it changes every shift), hence it cannot be captured in extension fields entered at the time of delivery.

Can we add some extension fields (editable) on Customer Invoice form post release? & attached stamped document?

Thanks for your inputs.


Vishal Kambare