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Mar 08, 2007 at 10:32 AM

Duplicate reservations getting created in APO



We are seeing duplicate reservations in APO for component materials when the batch is assigned through process message.The function module for this process message will set the deletion flag for old reservation item number and create a new reservation line number (This scenario we are using for batch assignment(not batch determination ) to component material in material list from external system).

For example ,if A is the header material and is having three component materials(B,C &D) in BOM,During the order creation system has created reservation number XX2007 with line item 1,2 and 3 for materials B,C and D.In APO we can see the reservations with ATP category OrdRes ,with respective item numbers.if we assign a batch for the material B from external system,it set the deletion indicator for the reservation item number 1 and create a new item number 4 with batch assigned to the material B.

But we are observing in APO ,It is creating duplicate reservation for all the component materials B,C and D with ATP category "ProdRes"(even though we have created a new reservation item number for material B only).In this way we are seeing reservations getting duplicated with ATP category "OrdRes " and ProdRes" for all component materials.

Can you please let us know how can we avoid reservations with ATP category

"PrdRes" coming to APO.

Thanks in Advance,

Ramesh M