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Employee key mapping from EC to SAP

May 28, 2017 at 04:59 PM


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For emp data replication from EC to SAP, Employee key mapping table has been changed from PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP to ECPAO_EE_KMAP and ECPAO_OBJPS_KMAP by SAP as per Q2 guide.

New table has below fields -







1) No BUKRS in new table, will user id take care of concurrent/global assignment

2) Do i need to manually populate this table before starting replication?

3) Can anyone tell me how to get PERSON_ID, PERSON_GUID from EC, what is the diff between PERSON_ID and PERSON_ID_EXTERNAL. i thought they are same just the lable of external field is person id.

Also what is person_guid in EC


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2 Answers

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Siddharth Rajora
May 29, 2017 at 06:04 PM

Before replication begins you need to update the field, if no entry is found in this table, new pernr is hired or generared

but these tables are used when you use BIB method of replication which doesnt require splitting

Please ensure you read this first and other links i sent

This is necessary to prevent new personnel numbers being created during the next data replication from Employee Central to SAP ERP HCM for employees whose data was migrated or replicated from SAP ERP HCM to Employee Central. The table maps an employee's unique identifiers from the SAP ERP HCM system and from Employee Central. This key mapping table is updated when User ID, Personnel Number, and Third Party Employee ID are populated during the replication of data to Employee Central. When the BiB is disabled, the replication process use the PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP key mapping table. When you enable the BiB mode in the V_ECPAO_CONSTANT view, theECPAO_EE_KMAP and ECPAO_OBJPS_KMAP key mapping tables are used.

The update of the key mapping table ECPAO_EE_KMAP does not depend on the actual replication status. The key mapping tables are updated irrspective of the replication status of any entities. If the employee already has records in the old key mapping table (PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP), then the new key mapping table ECPAO_EE_KMAP will not be populated (even when BiB switch is set to X). If there is no key mapping in the old table, only then the new key mapping table will be populated. For example: Even if the user entity replication fails, the key mapping table will be updated if the User ID and Person ID external are available.

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Thx Siddharth. Our system of record is EC, we will import employees in EC using csv and from the go-live we have to replicate data back to on Prem. I understand that before starting this replication the emp key map table in on prem should be updated. We will be activating the BiB switch.

I have seen this program (tcode ECPAO_KEYMAP_UPD), i believe this updates the old table, do you know how to update the new table(s).

Do you have answers to 1, 3 & person_guid



your main table would be PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP and above program should be used.

Its mentioned in documentatin


For EE data replication from EC -> SAP on prem, It is clearly mentioned that with BiB, tables ecpao_ee_kmap and ecpao_objps_kmap are used and without BiB

PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP is used. paocfec_eekeymap is not populated yet in our case and as I said we will switch on the BIB for our replication from EC to SAP on prem.

You pasted the same from the guide. Are we on same page?


Hi Manu,

We are facing the same issue. were you able to resolve this? How did you update the table ecpao_ee_kmap?



Siddharth Rajora
Jun 03, 2017 at 12:13 PM

are there any old pernrs existing in Old table? hence i clarified that.

ie this is the condition

If the employee already has records in the old key mapping table (PAOCFEC_EEKEYMAP), then the new key mapping table ECPAO_EE_KMAP will not be populated (even when BiB switch is set to X

Can you confirm you ran above report and it didn't update the table ensuring employee don't exist in the old table already?

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Old table is absolutely empty, we have not yet started replicating. We are loading data in EC.

Then i believe we need to populate the new table i.e. ECPAO_EE_KMAP and sap has not given any standard program to populate this new table, we may need to create a custom if old program PAOCF_EC_UPLOAD_EEKEY_MAPPING isn't able to populate records.