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Mar 08, 2007 at 07:40 AM

Solution Manager_Support desk message archive


Dear friends,

I wants to archive support desk messages in SARA. In SARA if i give archiving object as "SM_QMEL", i am getting following message:

<b>Entry SM_QMEL does not exist in ARCH_OBJ (check entry)

Message no. 00058</b>


Input values must be defined in Table ARCH_OBJ. The value or values 'SM_QMEL ' are not specified in this table.


Check whether the input is correct and correct if necessary.

Procedure for System Administration

If this is not an incorrect entry, check the system settings and change them if necessary.

If there is a connection to the Customizing system, you can maintain the system settings by choosing Customizing in the Performance Assistant or Maintain Entries (F5) when displaying the help in a modal dialog box.

Even i wants to implement SAP OSS NOTE:195425, This note includes archiving object"SM_QMEL". But i can not implement. System is keep on executing without implementing the OSS Note.

Please guide me. How to implement the note(195425)?

Any answer will be very much appreciated.