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Mar 08, 2007 at 07:10 AM

Billing invoice idoc out to file server via ALE partner profile


Hi Folks,

Can anyone tell me what partner profile I need to configure to have an INVOIC idoc go to a directory on the app server? Also I want to do this at the same time the invoice is physically printed. I do not want to do this in EDI as this would mean configuring partner profiles for all customers, so I want to do this in ALE.

I am assuming I use the partner profile for LS a logical system and have an output type in invoice message control for the idoc with suitable condition records to ensure that paper and idoc media are both selected at runtime?

Also I can get the idoc produced and to status 30 using EDI but what pushes the idoc out automatically from this point and will that be the same method once I get the idoc produced using ALE?


Ross Goodman