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Former Member
Mar 08, 2007 at 01:03 AM

Problems with ICE transport


Hi All,

I'm having problems doing a KM ICE transport between environments. I want to transport some word documents that I have in the public documents section in KM. These docs are referenced by KM doc iViews. When I export the folder that contains the word docs I get a zip file. But when I import the zip file into another environment then nothing shows up in the public documents I doing something wrong? Also will the docs carry over there access link urls into the environment i am exporting to, this is not the what i want obviously because i need the docs to have the urls that point to the environment in which they reside.

I'm using EP 6.0 sps17. We have a 6.40 WAS but have external ITS servers that are patched to sps22.

Does anyone know of any issues with KM transports in this type of environment?

Any feedback, suggestions and solutions will be greatly appreciated.