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Mar 07, 2007 at 08:47 PM

Query Security issue


hi gurus

we have this query that has some senstive Cost center info, now we want the users to be able to run the query on all the sensitve cost centers and non-sensitive cost centers, but not be able to physically see "Senstive" cost centers, but at the same time are able to see non-sensitive costcenters info in the report, is it possible to do that? if so how?


ProfitCenter Amount

100 20$

200 30$

300 55$

105$ Total

adding all the amounts up gives you 105$ now if Profit Center 300 is a senstive PC i dont want the user to be able to see that PC 300 is assigned 55$ in the report in BEX. but i want it to be counted in the total amount(105$).