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Mar 07, 2007 at 03:16 PM

UNICODE-string via OLE from ABAP to EXCEL


hi community,

my abap (sap rel. 4.7, non-unicode-environment) has an OLE-connection to start and transfer data to EXCEL (such as 'set property of cell 'Value' = p_value...').

it works correct. now i have an unicode-string (=chinese text, out of an external system) in my abap, and it works uncorrect. it seems that EXCEL (ver.2003 on XP) don't understand the unicode-string. i suppose the GUI causes the disregarding, because it's not possible to switch to the 'character set=unicode' in the GUI-options (certainly due to the non-unicode-sap).

who has experience or a resolution??

thanks for all - greetings from south germany (swabian)