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Mar 07, 2007 at 02:59 PM

port 3300/RFC Calls/SAP Proxy generator



I am *very* new to SAP. I am trying to conduct some testing on a .NET proxy generator for SAP (RFCs). We're hoping to be able to use this tool in order to migrate data from our non-SAP applications into SAP and extract data from SAP into our non-SAP applications.The proxy generator is an add-on for Visual Studio .NET 2005. It is made by a company from Argentina called Softwise. According to the people from Softwise, I need to use port 3300 in order to use the add-in and create proxies for RFC calls. I have focused on this solution because it is written in native .NET (the proxy generator provided by SAP is not compatible with Visual Studio 2005 and requires a Java client to be installed). I suspect that the performance of the Softwise tool would be drastically better than the SAP tool.

At the present time port 3300 is not available/open for the QA and Dev SAP servers. I have contacted our basis team and found out that the "Solutions Manager" is turned off for the QA and Dev servers because of a lack of memory/resources (both QA and Dev are installed to the same server). They refuse to open port 3300 - stating that it's 'reserved for Solutions Manager', other than to suggest that I use port 3310. I have been quite frustrated as our basis team has not been very helpful to us in explaining anything or offering any help for the problem.


(1) Is it correct to presume that port 3300 is to be used for RFC calls?

(2) Is anyone familiar with the "SAP Proxy generator" product from Softwise?

(3) If the Solutions Manager is enabled, will this "open up" port 3300?

(4) are there other options (e.g. SAPRouter - and how would I go about it) to get port 3300 open for RFC calls? What should I be asking for?

I am frustrated because I don't know what I should be looking/asking for. If anyone can help to get me moving in the right direction it would be highly appreciated!