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SAP HANA installation for Business One

May 27, 2017 at 05:18 AM


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Hi Experts,

My company bought server space in AWS and we 're trying install SAP HAHA for B1 in server. AWS executives has mentioned that the Graphical interface of server will not be available as it is a virtual server(I am not sure about this).Can anyone guide me in:

1) Installing SAP HANA for B1 using putty?

2) Installing SAP Business One Server configuration in SUSE Linux server using Putty

3) Is there any way to enable the display of installation wizards using putty for both HANA and B1?

My organization wants to run the SAP B1 ERP for its own operations and also we want this server to be used for client presentation purpose, in this case which type of database I should choose: Production, Development or Test.


Best Regards,

Bhargava Arugonda.

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2 Answers

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Keven Lachance Jun 06, 2017 at 06:51 PM

you need graphical interface to install the server tool part of SAP B1 on the suse linux server. this requirement is mandatory. If amazon can't provide this (weird), you may do X11 forwarting using putty but it's a hassle. Install instruction for B1 are located in the Documentation/SystemSetup/B1_for_SAP_HANA_Admin_Guide.pdf of the patch level. it will require general knowledge of linux.

Hana db install is easier than before but you will still need to look up at documentation to learn it. I don't have links right but, but tips that I would suggest would be to use lvm for you suse linux install, and a separate lv for /usr/sap, /hana/shared, /hana/data, /hana/log, /hana/backup and to hse the hana hlmgui (graphical) to install the studio/client/afl/db in one go. Here we install remote desktop on the linux box instead of using vnc as it integrate more easily with our windows environment. yast has integrated a module to enable is easily with few clicks.

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Hi Keven,

Thankyou for the reply, we had installed the same way you described. I took the partition almost the same order and it worked. After installation when I added the SAP HANA system in SAP HANA studio it is displaying the yellow triangle mark mentioning some services hasn't started. In order to confirm I changed to Administration perspective and checked the Landscape to cross verify the services which haven't started. It is displaying all the services and they are in start mode. Can you help me out how to find out services which are not yet started...!!!




At this point you will need someone better than me. Look at the Diagnosis files for each landscape service to see if there is a problem. Read the sap notes on what you find. Note that it takes some time for the landscape and services and global status to turn green, as the initialization phase is not instant (1-10 min). Note that, while it's not written anywhere in the sap notes, that if you install the hana server to a slow/very slow disk (example connected to a shared san which handle multiple VMs), some part of the installation will fail silently. But I guess aws provide fast storage and that's not your issue.


by the way, if you activated a new service, the scriptserver or whatever is asked in the b1 system admin guide, normally it start right away and everything is good, but maybe you could simply reboot the database to have it activated. also while I am thinging of this look at the Configuration->daemon.ini. maybe there is a service here that is marked should start and does not. Here, settings that have been changed (rev 122.05 with b1 9.2pl06) is the server instance 1, statisticsserver instance 0, webdispatcher instance 1, xsengine instance 1.

Adan Palencia Jun 15, 2017 at 01:50 PM

Hello I send you my, we have experience installing SAP Business in Amazon.

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