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Mar 07, 2007 at 01:23 PM

BI Planner - inert a new row/ record ?


I have a customer that wants to migrate their present BPS solution to BI Planner. In the present solution they are able to plan on project-hours per employee. The record contains the following characteristic and key figures: 0PROJECT, 0WBS-ELEMT, 0EMPLOYEE - 0QUANTITY. Further more we have created a filter to uniquely identify the records. We have created an input ready query and it is working fine. We can change key figure values and save the changes to the InfoCube, for existing characteristic values and key figure combination. However, we are not able to create new records. For an example, four employees are allocated to a project and planned hours have been entered and posted to the InfoCube. We want to add an extra employee to a specific project and enter his/ hers planned project hours. We can do it in BPS, how do we enter additional records in BI Planner ?

Kind regards

Anders Toft