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Mar 07, 2007 at 09:59 AM

Action Profie related issue here....


Hi Guys,

i am working with actions and here i had an issue related to action profile..

Here the detailed description is..

I have assigned one partner procedure to an Activity transaction type,

The result partner functions of that partner determination procedure are

Sales Rep and Sales manager.

Here i have created BPs with role of employee for both Sales rep and managers and, i assigned respective SAP user names to both BPs.

Then if we will create an activity then the sap user names are getting as field values for sales rep and sales manager in the partner data tab of activity.

<b>Here my reqirement is " if the status of Activity is 'Rejected' then a remainder mail shoud be trigeer to the Sales manager whose Userid is appearing in the partner data tab of activity and that mail shoud be appear in the manager's SAP Workplace".

What i did is, I have created an action profile and i define an action defination with partner dependet of sales manager and I have taken 'smart form mail' as a processing type and i have taken the respective smartforms and processing methods. And in "Define conditions" path i have choosen 'sap user' as recepient type and define start condtion and saved that.

Then when i am trying to execute this action in the activity i got two erros in the log

1.Nocommunication data could be determined from address.

2.No recepient is availble.

Any body can help me to get the required result.

I will give them full points.

Thanks in advance.