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May 26, 2017 at 01:39 PM

KE30 Report, T-Codes and User Parameter IDs


Hello, all,

A strange situation that I have had no luck in finding a resolution for.

We have COPA reports assigned to t-codes so we do not have to grant access to KE30 for security reasons.

We are developing a new set of reports for field sales people, and we want to limit them to viewing data for their own Sales Office, but we do not secure the data at the Sales Office level. Our Basis team maintains the Parameter ID VKB with the user's Sales Office. (I know, they can maintain their own PIDs, but let's not go there).

When I run the report directly in KE30, the Sales Office is populated with the PID value:

But, when I run the report using the T-Code, it does NOT populate:

I have run NUMEROUS searches, and cannot find a reason why this would be. I've gone over the settings of the T-Code in SE93, and cannot find anything that would prevent or allow the PID to populate in the report. I have also looked at the Default Variant that we maintain for the T-Code, and don't see anything there.

I wold appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you!


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sofc-2.jpg (12.0 kB)