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Debug IN_RFC in SPTA framework (parallel processing)

May 26, 2017 at 01:39 PM


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We have implemented SPTA framework.

So when I'm trying to debug it's going into BEFORE_RFC and AFTER_RFC.

But the debugger is not going into IN_RFC, but the logic inside IN_RFC is executing properly.

We have checked with external breakpoints, SRDEBUG.

So if anyone have resolved similar issue, please let me know.



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1 Answer

Sandra Rossi May 26, 2017 at 07:45 PM
You don't need SRDEBUG anymore (obsolete -> cf note 1766428 - Remote ABAP debugging: changed behavior).

It should be sufficient to set user breakpoints (aka external breakpoints).

There may be many reasons. Kernel bug? (did you check SAP notes?) Did you have enough free sessions left in your user session to start a new debug session? Do you have several application servers in your SAP system? Did you make sure your own program is not tagged "system" program in the attributes? We may also need to know which SAP release you have.

While debugging, at the place of the CALL FUNCTION of maybe SPTA_RFC_INVOKE_INTERNAL, could you try "stepping into" it and tell us what happens?

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Hi Rossi,

Thanks for your reply!

We have checked all the above mentioned possibilities. And seems all are good.

When we are executing the same program in sandbox system it's going into IN_RFC debug mode but it's not going into debug mode in our Dev system.

Will there be any authorization issue?


P.S. Goswami


For checking missing authorization, run an authorization failure display or authorization trace (SU53, ST01, STAUTHTRACE).

BUT it's difficult to help you because you didn't answer the questions.

If you can't find by yourself, you'd better contact the SAP support.