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Former Member
Mar 06, 2007 at 10:45 PM

0PERS_VAR and Personalisation


We are in the process of upgrading to 2004s.

I have noticed that variables personalised on old 3.5 web templates appear in the new 2004s templates. This obviously only occurs where the same variables are being used in both the old 3.5 templates and new 2004s templates, and the variable values have been personalised in the olde 3.5 templates.

The new templates do not have the icon available for the "personalisation" or "delete personalisation", however if the variable has been personalised using the old 3.5 template the personalised variable value appears in new 2004s template variable. (we are on Support Pack Stack 11)

I have also reviewed the contents of the ODS 0PERS_VAR - Personalization Data for the Replacement of Variables. This does not contain any data.

Can anyone provide any pointers on where the "Personalization Data for the Replacement of Variables" is now stored. ie: We have personalised variable values for 3.5 web templates, however I cannot locate where these are being stored.

Thanks in advance.