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Mar 06, 2007 at 10:17 PM

Using the generic sort and filter action block on date time datetime


My BLT uses a SQL query to pull a lot of data (a few thousand records). The data has a SQL timestamp column on it, and the SD and ED are configured to filter to that SQL column. I have a while loop defined so that I can do statistics on small subsections of the data, say the maximum value found on a 15 minute basis.

How do I configure the generic sort and filter action block to filter on date/time? I want to generate sub-queries of the original SQL XML output so I can run statistics on smaller time chunks of data (only 1 SQL querry, but lots of XML subquerries of the SQL querry). I don't need to sort, just filter on the time. Eventually, I need them to be just in the link editor since i'll be making the BLT a bit fancy and dynamic.

Right now I can't figure out how to filter them using the "Configure Object" GUI <b>or</b> in the link editor. I've tried both "text" and "number" datatypes, combinations of parenthesis, quotes, etc. "Number" gives me an error, so I'm sticking with "text". My query always comes out empty, just with the Rowsets/Rowset/Column framework, but no data. I have verified the XML I am passing into it has the expected XML format and data from SQL.

In the link editor, I am passing:

FilterColumn1 = <b>"tTIMESTAMP"</b> (the SQL column name)

FilterType1 = <b>"text"</b>

FilterCondition1 <b>">="</b>

FilterValue1 = <b>1990-01-01T12:00:00</b>

FilterColumn2 = <b>"tTIMESTAMP"</b> (the SQL column name)

FilterType2 = <b>"text"</b>

FilterCondition2 <b>"<"</b>

FilterValue2 = <b>2020-01-01T12:00:00</b>

The help docs don't show how do do this with a date/time. Can anyone help? Thanks!