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Printing the packing list when packing status completed in EWM

Hi All,

I Need to print the packing list for all the HU's of the ODO , so i created a ZPPF Action & Z Processing Class , Z Form.but the issue is while confirming the WO the pick hu is creating the PPF is triggering at that & it is reading the packing status the packing status is NSNS( Not Started --> Not Started ) after confirming the warehouse order when i refresh the delivery the pack status is completed but my ZPPF Action is not triggered because the scheduling condition is failed( at the time of processing PPF's the status is NSNS). how to achieve this.

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  • Hi ,

    Now i have changed the schedule condition to EMPTY & Maintained the start condition as Condition technique now the start condition is success but the still system not processing the proposed ppf action automatically why ? , if go to change mode of the ODO & Process Manually then it is processing , so do i need to schedule a background job for SPPFP ?

  • Hi,

    What is the processed at of your PPF action ? is it processing at selection report ?

    Did you try with remaining two options ? 'immediate processing' and ' processing when saving document'.


    C K Reddy

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