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Batch specific unit - characteristic of conversion ratio not calculated dynamically

May 26, 2017 at 07:29 AM


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Hello all,

Please i am facing a problem regarding batch specific unit of measure.

I am using two units : KG & PCE and the purpose is to calculate KG per Pce for each batch.

We i perform the goods receipt, the batch is created, i enter quantities in kg & Pce at Quantity tab of MIGO.

However, when i check the batch classification, the characteristic is not updated and it still empty.

Please, do you know any way to automatically fulfill the characteristic with the actual conversion ratio, at each goods receipt ?

Thank you so much for your help.

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Mohamed-Yamine Zetti May 26, 2017 at 08:58 AM
img002.png img003.png

Good news :

- Automatic calculation has been occured thanks to "Leading batch-specific unit of measure" uncheck in the material master

Herewith steps that i do in MIGO for a PO GR as an example :

Situation :(img001)

Entering quantity in Pce and hitting enter button (img001.pngthe batch get created) : (img002)

Checking batch classification :(img003)


now i will see how to make the system proposing PCK as QTY in unit of entry.

Thx Jurgen

img001.png (12.7 kB)
img002.png (21.0 kB)
img003.png (18.1 kB)
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Jürgen L
May 26, 2017 at 07:54 AM

Compare what you did with the steps shown in this excellent blog:

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Hi Jurgen,

Thx for your reply.

I have already checked the well explained blog : there is a step for dependency creation. I doubt if this is step is mandatory to automatically calculate the ratio conversion and this requires entering quantities two time. In fact,

- Quantities should be entered at quantity tab (migo)

- Same values should be entered at batch classification, and through dependecy, the system calculates the ratio conversion.

...that induces a double entry of the same values ??


Mohamed-Yamine Zetti

This blog has 2 sections

the first explains how it is done when you use batch specific units of measure

and the second explains how it is done with IS-CWM

Which of the 2 processes do you use?


I am trying to achieve it through batch specific units of measure.


can you show your MIGO quantity tab, I guess your are mixing order unit with parallel unit.

Actually you have already the evidence that it does not work without dependencies

and this is also listed in the steps from documentation:


Sorry, images have not been updated. (comment edited now)

Rashid Ali May 26, 2017 at 11:58 AM


we assigned proportion field with characteristic in MMR capture.png

capture.png (20.4 kB)
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sorry Jurgen,

I did not see you blog, and thats why just posted the screen shot, I am not working as of now on batch so I left it blank.


Now you are confusing me. How should a batch specific unit work without batches?


Don't be confused,

In last project I worked on batch management and batch specific Unit. same kind issue arose at that time so I assigned here characteristic and it worked.

Right now I am working on other project which is non batch managed and here I am using a batch specific unit. because I don't have batch heres


sounds like swimming without water

swapnil rajane May 30, 2017 at 09:44 AM

Hi Mohamed,

Maintain the required table name and field name in the Addnl data tab of the characteristics.



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