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EHS SVT Production / New Issues identified

Dear all

looking on:

still i am missing helpful answers.

Now we have detected a new issue in production scenario. We tried to use any SAP report delivered with SVT to explain the tracking results but with out success.

We can see now "negative" values in tracking. Especially at the starting of the year. One example i checked deeper. Scenario is like:

Material "A" and "B" is the input. And Material "A" is "output (this is a quite common situation). This is similar to some of the threads as listed above. But now i can see "more strange" results. Material A has three subcomponents "X", "Y", "Z". Only for some of them i can see "negative" values. As well: no idea.Eitehr all should be positive and /or should have negative values but not a "mixed scenario"

BAsed on composiiton and relevant movement types for the production: i can not explain the result.

Currently I have big doubts that "production scenario" calculates correct.. Any idea is helpful. At the end: if needed: We will start OSS dialog as the tracked values are to "low" (Zero would be acceptable; but negative values not)


PS:could you please check your SVT REACH scenario. Can you as well detected "neagtive" value in production? Ifso: under which condition?

PPS: I am not aware of any related OSS note. BUt may be you know an OSS note


further investigations have shown that for "any" list we can see negative values in production.. I can not explain the results; as you know: 2018 is deadline for REACH registration (last tonnage band). Please provide feedback: do you have as well "negative" values (for confirmed quantities)

We have two situation: situation one. any component is "negative"

Situation two: some components are counted positive; some negative

We are looking for next SVT implementation; thereofre topic is getting more and more critical

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4 Answers

  • May 26, 2017 at 09:01 AM

    Hi Christoph,

    Can you pl. check what is your planned quantities and what is your Confirmed quantity ?

    Thanks and Regards


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  • May 26, 2017 at 11:24 AM

    Dear Jayakumar

    in this case: the order is "final" and there is no "planned" value existing. Therefore any thing should be confirmed. BUt i will recheck to be on save side. The "stranfe" topic here is; output and input material is the same. So there "can not be" any difference here on "component" level. We should get "zero" but not a "negative" value for component A and positive (or zero) for B of the same material


    PS: we are looking for a SAP update and we will clearly invest more time here. But my "feeling" is: if inptu and output material is the same: SVT does not calculate correct (as a hint. something like that is happening if you "mix" two batches". The issue is: We can not exclude this process type as the process type is "global" and mnust be considered in SVT

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  • Jun 25, 2017 at 09:45 AM

    Dear all

    we still try to identify the reason of the "negative" values Up to know we have derived two potential "candidates" (but having the feeling that there are additional reasons)

    1.) during "tracking" period "compositions" are changed (source and/or target materials) => still we invest here time to understand the impact of compositions changes on tracking result

    2.) during "tracking" strange "bookings" happened. E.g. Target material was "confirmed" and then corrections come up. In some rare cases: overall: the target material was booked e.g. with 100 kg; and correction was 110 kg. In such cases: I can explain to a certain level the "negative" part


    1.) either any component is "negative"

    2.) or some are negative

    Effect can be detected for any regulatory list ! used in SVT

    PLEASE PROVIDE ADDITIONAL IDEAS REAGRDGIN POTENTIAL REASONS. The negative values are to high to ignore them.


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  • Aug 28, 2017 at 12:01 PM

    Dear all

    we could identify the reason of the "negative" volumnes (but we will invest more time).

    The topic is related to two actions happening at the same time

    1.) you must have an "open" production process (not on Status "TECO")

    2.) the composition must change (e.g. target material)

    3.) and a correction bokking must happen

    This thread is now closed


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