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May 26, 2017 at 04:10 AM

SAP UI5 Selected Tokens are disappearing in MultiComboBox after coming back to page


firsttime.pngsecondtime.pngcodeview.pngHello Experts, In my UI5 application , I am using XML view and creating one multicomboBox. multicomboBox values are coming from my JSON model. When I select some values, it is selecting values and displaying in multicomboBox as token(s). But when I go back to some other page and come back again, tokens are not visible in multicomboBox though in a dropdown they are selected. The values are selected but not coming in multicomobox as tokens. I am using JSON model and XML views. Please find the attached images. can any body please help me here?


firsttime.png (64.2 kB)
secondtime.png (57.8 kB)
codeview.png (14.9 kB)