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Mar 05, 2007 at 06:09 PM

Create Foreign Key with Function module RPY_FOREIGN_KEY_INSERT



I have to create a foreign key through an ABAP program (not through DDIC functionalities!) on a SAP NetWeaver 2004s system.

I have already found the Function module RPY_FOREIGN_KEY_INSERT but it doesn't work. It runs without any errors but the foreign key is not generated, even when call the Function module DDIF_TABL_ACTIVATE after RPY_FOREIGN_KEY_INSERT to avtivate the table again ( i also tried it with a COMMIT WORK).

Has anyone worked successfully with this Function module and can tell me how it works (e.g. how the parameters of the tables FORKEY_FIELDS and FORKEY_INF have to be set)?

Thank you very much for your help,