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SAP Business One incoming payment using DI is slow

May 26, 2017 at 02:10 AM


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SAP Business One incoming payment using DI is slow

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Please, provide more details what are you doing, is it for every user, specifc version, this started happening since sth, etc etc etc... maybe is the network, I don`t know

Nobody is able to provide any suggestion/ideas without more details, we can`t guess what you are doing and if we guess, you will probably not get accurate answers.



i have developed a POS to SAP B1 Middleware that will automatically post A/R Invoice with corresponding Incoming Payment

using DI. I noticed that posting the incoming payment takes about an average of 10 seconds. is it normal? a/r Invoice are being posted at an approximately 1 second or less.


Hi John,

I don`t think it is normal, could you share the code part you are posting the invoice and the incoming payment?

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