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Former Member
Mar 05, 2007 at 04:58 PM

Country reassignment configuration


Dear experts,

I have a problem with Country Reassignment action.

When I run the action, I enter the hiring and leaving actions to combine, and run them one after the other, and my employee gets a new employee number for the new country, which is OK up to this point.

During the hiring action, some of the infotypes that are configured in the infogroup for Hiring action come with the data, like employee's name in Personal Data, or Internal data, or Communication infotypes. But others don't, for example Education.

How is it determined which infotype data are carried from the old employee number during a Country Reassignment? How can I automatically copy the existing records for the employee to the new employee number?

I thought of using a dynamic action, making a filter on action type, but action type Country Reassignment is not saved anywhere in the employee's records, so I do not think it's possible to have something that's triggered by the action type.

Any information on Country Reassignment is appreciated.