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Double Depreciation with 4-4-5 Weighting and Shortened Fiscal Year

May 25, 2017 at 06:31 PM


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Former Member

Hello experts,

I have here a tough situation and need your help.

We implemented here following:
- new period weighting according to 4-4-5
- shortened fiscal year (6 periods)
- 4-4-5 weighting begins from period 4 in the shortened fiscal year

There are several depreciation areas, the most important are:
- Local GAAP

Depreciation under local GAAP is controlled by a depreciation key LINS (standard one), depreciation under US GAAP is controlled by a custom depreciation key, which is basically the same as LINS except for the definition for period control, where the setting is "Pro rata at period start date". Here an overview of the cutom key.

When weighting for 4-4-5 under the transaction OAYL is activated, depreciation under US GAAP is doubled. When weighting is deactivated, depreciation is normal.

We already tried here several settings:
- exchanged depreciation key to LINS
- weighting of the periods was checked
- Period control rules were checked
- Fiscal Year variants were checked under OB29
- the reduction of the depreciation under asset accounting (Transaction OYAP) was checked

After each change the AFAR transaction was executed for the recalculation of the depreciation.

SAP Note 123026 with ZRUMPF was already implemented.

Thanks in advance for any help!


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Former Member May 30, 2017 at 03:27 PM

Our settings were correct, no change was necessary. What was missing was an SAP Note 1400993, which eventually solved the problem.

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Great! I'll contact SAP to check why this note is not visible during the search on 'weighting' for FI-AA component.


I checked with SAP... they filter out by default notes as from 5 years old, and since this note is dated back to 2009, it doesn't appear in the search unless a filter is removed from the search.

Good to know :)

Eli Klovski
May 26, 2017 at 07:23 AM


What are your settings in OA85 for this fiscal year (shortened) variant?



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Former Member May 28, 2017 at 01:47 PM

Hi Eli,

thanks for your reply.
Some additional info: the client runs the SAP ECC 6.0, and it is Classic GL.

As for the settings under OA85, here they are (the shortened FY is being used only in one FY Variant).
The shortened year is 2017, to be sure I will post settings under 2017 and 2018 in OA85.
Here the OB29 Settings for FY 18 and 17:

Here the settings under OA85:

Let me know which further information would be helpful.


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Hi Slava,

I think, here lies the problem. When you activate the weighting, the system is looking into the values introduced in OA85. If 2017 is your shortened year, then I think the system receives it as contradictory values, as all the year is 'covered' by weighting factor. Hence, double amount posted (6*2). Of course, that's only my assumption and the definitive conclusion could be achieved only from debugging and tracing, but, still, it is what it looks like. Try and play with OA85 setting aligning them to the fact of shortened period and see if it affects the result.

Of course, if it seems that you exploited all the options, OSS message wouldn't do any harm. I would have opened it already, just in case.