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Let's say I want to format "Current and Futur Values" of an "PAST editable KeyFigure" on a Weekly TimePeriod (PERIODID4) when I have 6 PERIODID levels....it seems possible but I CANNOT find:

- "C" or "CF" in the "Value" Field in (for exemple) "Weekly" dimension

- "PAST" in the "Value" field of KeyFigure dimension

At the end, we want for exemple the following line to appear in EPMFormattingSheet:

KEY_FIGURES.Editable Indicator = PAST || PERIODID4.Past Current Future Indicator = CF.

Could you please tell me how to obtain this above?


Please see below my steps to achieve it:

1) GO in EPMFormatting Sheet -> Section "2-Dimension Member/Property Formatting" -> area "ROW" -> Click on "Add Member/Property" -> Select Member/Property appears -> click "Property Selection" Tab -> choose "Key Figures" as "Dimensions" -> Choose "Editable Indicator" as a "Property" -> Choose "=" as "Operator" -> Choose "Future" as a Value -> click "add to Multiple Selection"

2) Then once first step done, choose "Weekly" as "Dimensions" -> Choose "Past Current Future Indicator" as a "Property" -> Choose "=" as "Operator" -> Choose "F" for Future as a "Value"-> click "Add to Mupltiple Selection"

3) Click "OK". You should see a new line in the Row Section that looks like that: KEY_FIGURES.Editable Indicator = FUTURE || PERIODID4.Past Current Future Indicator =F.

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