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Created 2 tables in ORACLE but can't see them in SAP

May 25, 2017 at 03:35 PM


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Hi guys,

Can you help me here?

I was asked by my client to create 2 tables in the database as they need them for a new app they're developing, which will populate these 2 new tables.

So I went and created a new tablespace in BRTOOLS...

Then on sqlplus I've created these 2 new tables on the sapr3 schema and on this new tablespace.

In sqlplus I can see the 2 new tables were created in that particular tablespace and the describe of the 2 show me the correct fields and data types.

Now I want to see them in SAP but I just can't find them anywhere :(

SE16, SE14, SE11 nothing :(

Can you help me guys?

What should I do so they can be active in SAP and it's dictionary?

Thanks in advance,


Pedro Gonçalves

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Bartosz Jarkowski May 25, 2017 at 03:45 PM

You have created the table the other way around. You should define table in SE11 and then it will be visible in SAPR3 schema (don't create tables manually in database). Then you can maintain (delete or recreate) tables at database level in SE14.

Best regards


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Former Member

Thanks for your answer Bartosz,

So you're saying that I should first delete the tables I created via sqlplus and then create them using SE11.

But tell me. Doing so, will I be able to use the new tablespace I've created via BRTOOLS and give the tables the oracle datatypes I want and have a constraint in them?




You are looking at this from the wrong side. SAP has its own data model, own data types etc., which are then translated into Oracle. But it doesn't mean all functionality that Oracle offers, are available on ABAP.

In general, you should not make any changes at the database level. SAP has it's own programing language and data dictionary to ensure you can make a lot of modifications. But if you change something at database level, you can't be sure how it's understood by SAP kernel.

So, to answer your question:

a) Yes, you should delete what you have created and re-create it from SAP.

b) I don't know what oracle datatypes you have created and what relations you'd like to use. But instead, you should use ABAP and Data Dictionary to create what you need.

Best regards